Moving Forward

WLS hopes to bring more in-depth energy rebates for site lighting projects, fewer high-energy fixtures, and help move the market to a greener tomorrow with today's trends.

History of WLS

With forty years of experience in manufacturing, developing, and installing lighting technologies, WLS Lighting continues to be the leader in lighting!

Consider the Impact

WLS is a nationally recognized leader in manufacturing site lighting products, developing energy efficient technologies, and lighting of shopping centers around the country.



Specification Sheets

All of our products with technical specifications at your finger tips. We will help you find a lighting solution to fit your individual requirements.


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Netlink Controls

Revolutionary wireless controls and remote monitoring sytems for commercial lighting applicatins and beyond. Conveniently manage your lighting systems.


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Energy Efficient
Lighting Products

The best in energy-efficient lighting systems that don't put your budget in the dark.  Our enviromentally-friendly products can reduce your overall energy consumption.


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Site Lighting Products

WLS is committed to providing the best in site lighting products for your turn-key applications.  At WLS, we can take care of all of your lighting needs.


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Resources & Knowledge

Photo Gallery

Check out some of our latest and greatest projects and find the addition to your next project.






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Case Studies

Read up on the savings other clients are experiencing in their site lighting applications.



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We offer more than just lighting: energy audits, energy rebate opportunities, and more.



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Experience in Photometrics

With more than forty years of lighting shopping centers, WLS is a leader in photometrics to improve your site lighting.


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