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Harmonic Vibration: What’s shaking my light poles?

What is Harmonic Vibration? In the simplest of terms, Harmonic Vibration is when a mechanical object vibrates at harmonic frequencies. There’s two different kinds of vibration; free and forced. Free vibrations are those of which you cause and let happen. They are usually desirable, like that of a tuning fork. Forced vibrations happen when a […]

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FAQ: Why is Lighting Maintenance Important?

Lighting Maintenance: Metal Halide and LED Systems What is Lighting Maintenance? Lighting maintenance is the upkeep, replacement, and updating of a lighting system. Lighting maintenance is just like maintaining your car.  Even though you manage to get your car to start up and get you from point A to B, that doesn’t always mean a […]

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FAQ: What is Light Pollution?

Our biggest endeavor with lighting technology has been striving for energy-efficiency along with the decreased use of greenhouse gases.  As a community, both corporate and at an individual level, we have been increasingly successful at our goals.  Whether it’s new State policy or a company wanting to sport some “green” practices, the care is still […]

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FAQ: Commercial Lighting Retrofits

Lighting technology has come a very long way just in the past decade and it goes to show the importance of retrofits and renovations. Lower energy bills, better looking properties, and rebates are just a few of the benefits that come from retrofitting your center’s lighting!

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FAQ: What are LEDs?

In an age of convenience and knowledge at our finger tips, we expect so much from technology at a faster rate. Thankfully, technology has not yet disappointed us with innovations. Computer companies are competing on the most versatile and compact laptop, car companies are competing on who has the best electric car, and cell phones […]

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