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REACH by netLiNK Controls is a LoRaWAN based intelligent control system for commercial site lighting and municipal street lighting. REACH debuted in 2017 on Comcast’s Machine Q network in the United States. A single gateway using LoRa Technology enables deep penetration capability for dense urban environments, while also providing the ability to connect to end-devices 10+ miles away. This allows REACH to communicate using single-hop wireless communication with hundreds of thousands of IoT devices at distances that far surpass anything available on the market today.

What is the “Internet of Things”?

The “Internet of Things” is the concept of connecting and controlling any device via internet connection.

REACH Technology

REACH utilizes LoRaWAN Class C technology and low power, wide area networks (LPWAN) based on the LoRaWAN protocol to provide a smart sensing and control infrastructure which allows users to collect and analyze data from connected devices in a streamlined manner.

The Standards

REACH is an all-in-one auto sensing 120V-480V unit that meets the needs of any site under any circumstance. Devices come standard with revenue grade metering, back up photocell autonomy, auxiliary input (for motion control), ambient temperature sensors, diagnostic LED, and GPS free geolocation.

Scheduling & Commissioning

REACH includes pre-loaded energy management schedules for immediate use, that can be custom tailored at any time during and after install. Installers have three ways of commissioning: smart device application delivered via NFC, Bluetooth, and OTA programming via secure web portal.

Web Portal Interface

Using Microsoft’s Azure™ cloud, REACH hosts a secure web portal to record historical information and provide a real-time user interface. Highly interactive and user friendly, the software provides powerful management and reporting tools. It allows users to control different end points individually, by groups/schedules, and receive notifications on devices operating out of specification. Historical reporting, energy savings, and fixture audit reports are just a few of the “on demand” reports available with REACH. The web portal offers full scalability for a virtually unlimited number of fixtures and integrating all the processes and correlative functions needed for a state-of-the-art lighting management system.



Northcross Center  |  Huntersville, North Carolina

Northcross Shopping Center is the first site for REACH by netLiNK Controls that went live in October 2017. The original site included 46 MH fixtures which were upgraded to 26 LED fixtures. The per fixture wattage went from 455W to 215W with LED dimming and control capabilities.


  • • 0-10V dimming
  • • Motion sensor capabilities
  • • Remote scheduling via web portal
  • • Connect to portal from anywhere
  • • Historical data and energy consumption reports
  • • Photocell override for inclement weather
  • • Continuous system monitoring
  • • Automatically adjusts to astronomical time changes
  • • 24/7 365-day support via internet, email, phone


  • • Extended fixture life
  • • Reduce energy consumption in non-peak hours
  • • Qualifies for rebates and incentives
  • • Alert notifications when fixture maintenance is required
  • • Central command of all site lighting for entire property portfolios
  • • Retrofits into existing electrical systems
  • • Installation costs less compared to other wireless systems
  • • Tenant retention with improved light levels
  • • Reduces operating costs, boosting ROI
  • • Typical ROI is less than 18 months

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