netLiNK Wireless Controls

The Netlink Controls System

frank kent honda frontThe netLiNK Controls is a revolutionary two-way Wireless Controller and Remote Monitoring System.  The system is designed to remotely control and monitor site lighting and has the capability to control 0-10V LED Dimming features.

When dimming LED site lights, you gain efficiency and extend the life of your lights. Many owners are powering their site lights at wattage of 70-80% and still maintaining bright light levels.  Not noticing any difference then when powering LED site lights at 100%.

With netLiNK Controls, you can have total control of the desired light levels for peak shopping, and for late night/early morning security lighting.


Wall Mount Node


Pole Mount Node


Base Station


  • • Connect to Portal from anywhere!

  • • Historical data and energy consumption reports.

  • • Photocell override for inclement weather.

  • • 0-10V Dimming Options.

  • • Individual xture or multi-zone/group control.

  • • Continuous System Monitoring (CSM).

  • • 24/7 365-day Support via internet, email, phone.


  • • LED Compatible with 0-10V dimming and motion sensor options.

  • • Extended fixture life.

  • • Reduce energy consumption in non-peak hours.

  • • Alert notifications of lamp/ballast outage.

  • • Central command of all site lighting for entire property portfolios.

  • • Retrofits into existing electrical systems.

  • • Tenant retention with improved light levels and maintenance.

  • • Reduces operating costs, boosting ROI, typical ROI < 18 months


red screenshot

netLiNK Portal Screenshot

The system consists of a base station and 1 to 500 wireless node switches.  Users can dramatically reduce their electrical consumption and costs by precisely controlling the dimming of LED site lighting and/or the on/off timers of individual devices or groups of devices without rewiring the electrical circuits. Each wireless node can be configured with up to four channels of control and monitoring. This gives each base station the ability to control up to 2000 individual control points. With 120-480 VAC power to each node, net- LiNK can take control of the electrical system without running any new circuits.

The netLiNK base station sends and receives commands via a secure cellular connection between the cloud-based server and wireless nodes.  The commands are distributed wirelessly to the node switches throughout the property and a secure 900 MHz mesh network.  netLiNK monitors the electrical current of the connected devices and sends an alert when a specific device’s current goes into an “abnormal” range. Using proprietary algorithms, netLiNK is able to accurately determine whether a lamp or ballast has failed and it notifies the appropriate parties of the alert. That decreases downtime and gives critical information about the devices immediately, or on a scheduled basis, to managers and owners.

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