748 Series

748 Series

    748 Series - WLS Lighting

    748 Decorative Arms - WLS Lighting

    The WLS 748 Series is a Decorative Site Lighting Horizontal/Vertical Lamp.  The 748 comes in various different wattage, your choice of flat or contoured glass, 14 decorative arm option, and custom colors. The fixture can be mounted on a variety of unique pole options as well as twin mounting.


    HOUSING – The 748 Series decorative housing is fabricated of heavy-duty spun and cast aluminum and finished to produce a clean, sharp appearance. This one-piece design ensures weather-tight construction. The bottom access cover provides ease of installation and servicing.

    LENS AND FRAME – Lenses are impact resistant tempered glass. A flat glass lens is standard for the vertical lamp. Lens is sealed to the housing with a poron gasket to a one-piece lens frame.

    FINISH – Fixtures are finished with a thermoset baked on polyester powder finishing process to give the fixture an exceptionally attractive appearance. The polyester finish withstands extreme weather change without cracking or peeling. Available in bronze, black, platinum, buff, white, and green. Custom colors available upon request.

    REFLECTORS/DISTRIBUTION PATTERNS – Equipped with a polished aluminum segmented reflector available in four distribution patterns. Vertical and horizontal burn lamps. Type II (2), Type III (3), Type V (5), and Perimeter Forward Throw (FP).

    LIGHT SOURCES – Designed to operate with Pulse Start Metal Halide, Full Spectrum, Metal Halide, Super Metal Halide, Metal Halide Reduced Envelope, and High Pressure Sodium.

    SOCKETS – Porcelain mogul base sockets feature spring-reinforced contacts. Rated to 600V.

    BALLAST – CWA or HPF regulating auto transformers. Available in Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium. Starting temperature is -20° F for Metal Halide, Pulse Start Metal Halide, Super Metal Halide, and Natural White®. -40° F starting temperature for High Pressure Sodium. Maximum wattage is 1000W.

    ARMS – WLS offers a large selection of aluminum decorative arms available for this unit. Two of the most popular are the A23 and A24 (on left). Please consult with your sales executive for other options.

    748 Series Dimensions and Twin Mounted - WLS Lighting




    1. Voltage for 750W High Pressure Sodium must be specified.
    2. Consult factory for international voltages. (120V, 277V, 347V)
    3. MT – Multi Tap is shipped standard unless otherwise specified. (Multi Tap consists of 120V, 208V, 240V, and 277V. Multi Tap is pre-wired for highest voltage. Alternate voltages will require field re-wiring.
    4. TT- Tri-Tap consists of 120V, 277V, and 347V. Tri-Tap is pre-wired for highest voltage. Alternate voltages will require field re-wiring.



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