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LXL Series

    LXL Series - WLS Lighting 

    LXL Series Dimensions - WLS Lighting

    The WLS LXL Series is a Decorative LED Area Fixture.  The expected life is 60,000 to 100,000 Hours.  The LXL is available in Cool White (5000k) or Neutral White (4000k).  The fixture’s finish is guaranteed to last a full five years.

    Limited 5 Year Warranty   |   RoHS Compliant   |   UL Listed for Wet Locations   |   IDA Approved


    SMARTTEC™ THERMAL CONTROL – WLS drivers feature integral sensor which reduces drive current, when ambient temperatures exceed rated temperatures.

    EXPECTED LIFE – Minimum 60,000 hours to 100,000 hours depending upon the ambient temperature of the installation location.

    LEDS – Select high-brightness LEDs in Cool White (5000K) or Neutral White (4000K) color temperature, 70CRI.

    DISTRIBUTION – Types 3, FP, and 5. Exceptional uniformity creates bright environments at lower light levels. Improved backlight cutoff minimizes light trespass.

    HOUSING – One-piece housing/support frame is die-cast aluminum. Pole top access cover and support arms are die-cast aluminum. Housing is sealed with an extruded silicone gasket.

    HOUSING TOP CAP – Removable spun aluminum cap/driver enclosure is retained by captive stainless steel fasteners and safety cables. Housing and top cap interface is sealed with one-piece extruded silicone gasket. Tool-less entry option is available.

    SEALED OPTICAL UNIT – Lens is clear, flat tempered glass, sealed to aluminum optics housing. Pressure stabilizing breather allows super-tight protection while preventing temperature cycling form building up internal pressures and vacuums that can stress optical unit seals and components.

    FASTENERS – All exposed fasteners are black oxide coated stainless steel. Internal fasteners are stainless steel or zinc electroplated steel.

    ELECTRICAL – A terminal block for attachments of incoming primary wiring is supplied. Two-stage surge protection (including separate surge protection built into electronic driver) meets IEEE C62.41.2-2002, Location Category C. Available with universal voltage power supply 120-277VAC (50/60Hz input), 347VAC and 480VAC. Optional button-type photocells (PCI) are also available in 120, 208, 240,277 or 347 volt (supply voltage must be specified).

    DRIVER – Available in Super Saver (SS) and High Output (HO) drive surrents (Drive currents are factory programmed). State-of-the-art driver technology designed specifically for WLS LED light sources provides unsurpassed system eficiency. Components are fully encased in potting material for moisture resistance. Driver complies with IEC and FCC standards.

    OPERATING TEMPERATURE – -40°C to +50°C (-40°F to +122°F).

    FINISH – Fixtures are finished with WLS DuraGrip® polyester powder coat finishing process. The DuraGrip finish withstands extreme weather changes without cracking or peeling, and is guaranteed for five full years. Standard colors include bronze, black, platinum plus, buff, white, satin verde green, graphite, and metallic silver. Custom colors available upon request.

    WARRANTY – WLS LED fixtures carry a limited 5-year warranty

    LXL Series Light Output - WLS Lighting 

    LXL Series Luminaire Chart - WLS Lighting

    LXL Series Shipping Information - WLS Lighting




    1. DIM and BLS cannot be ordered together.
    2. Order poles with 3” reduced drilling pattern. For PT configurations other than D180, consult factory.



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